For generations, Cleveland’s Fairfax community has quietly bubbled with tradition, family and dreams. Economically though, they needed some assistance. But the last thing they wanted was a big bank coming in, opening another branch, offering services out of reach to most of its citizens. So PNC opened something else: a resource center, called the PNC Fairfax Connection, offering job training, specialized small-business loans, activities for kids, and other thoughtful resources to help people in Fairfax move their lives forward. For PNC’s part, it’s not only the right thing to do in a state they serve, it's a long-term investment in a whole generation of future customers.


Local newspaper and window posters


Local magazine/circular ad campaign





Mobile Library Trucks. Digital bus posters displaying immediate job openings. Free tours of the Fairfax Connection with lunch provided. We created dozens of initiatives for the PNC Fairfax Connection that offered opportunity and plenty of room to expand and evolve. But this tactic below also featured a social component that reinforced and amplified an emotional connection with something really important to these folks: tradition.