The one ad in my book that won’t die. But I’ve finally decided that the story behind it might be better than the ad. Clearly, this Clorox ad appeared on the sides of phone booths. But in fact, Clorox had nothing to do with it. Many years ago, in a desperate attempt to get my work noticed, I paid an art director to design it. I also paid a printer to print it on proper Duratran material, so the back-lighting would work at night. I then paid a media company to place it in a single location somewhere in Brooklyn. I even paid a photographer to take a decent picture of it. Finally, I sent a copy of it with a short note to the Clorox Company, hoping to gain their interest. Not only did they not buy this ad, but they had their attorneys send me a threatening cease-and-desist letter. And now you understand my dedication to this business.